Cameron Brown

My Thoughts on Content ID

And so begins the YouTube Content ID massacre... A few weeks ago, Google officially changed how partnered channels work, segregating channels into two different types of channels: Managed and Affiliated:

  • 'Managed' channels are pretty much the same as what YouTube used to have - channels don't have to worry about copyright strikes - it's entirely the networks responsibility. Because of the way this works, if a several managed channels were to receive several copyright strikes, the network could be completely taken down.
  • 'Affiliated' channels are the same as managed except they have every single one of their videos processed through the YouTube Content ID system. This means that it's the channels responsibility, not the networks.

Understandably, the networks have been very reluctant to bring their channels to managed status - only the biggest channels will become managed. Everyone else will be affiliated. On the flip side: the YouTube Content ID system needs to exist. Nobody is denying that (sort of). The implementation and the system itself is just broken and has no idea of what 'Fair Use' is. There needs to be much less automation, especially for legal matters like this. Sometimes, there is copyrighted content on the home page! Does nobody check anything any more?

False claims are stupid as well. YouTube needs to keep revenue in 'limbo' until the claim is resolved, because if false claims are being made then those people are making money off someone else's content. That is pure illegal.

Some companies are not even claiming the videos. YouTube is claiming the videos for them. Just look at the video by NerdCubed Nerd Extra - Content ID BS - Update! YouTube claimed his video on behalf of Valve even though Valve has given written permission for people to make & monetise videos on Valve games. 

I don't mind Google. They do a fair amount of good but they do a lot of bad things too. They should seriously take a look at YouTube and instead of giving us hashtags (which I don't mind) they should look at things that matter, like the problems with the Content ID system.